Fern's Familiars

Fern's Familiars, Children's Stories

Fern the Marsh Wizard made a mistake long ago when she was still a student under the tutelage of Thosis at the Academy. It was an honest mistake, and when she meekly told Thosis of it, he assured her that the world would not end and, if she were lucky, it would blow over in a few months. It didn't. It got worse. How could she have thought of creating two? Absinthe wants nothing more than to eat everything in sight. At the same time, Licht obsesses about cleanliness, which naturally annoys Absinthe since he has nothing to eat. The familiar's daily attempts to kill each other are trying, to say the least. As Fern's mentor, Thosis, told her, "Sometimes being a parent is like cracking a walnut with a 1-ton hammer; everything goes to pieces quickly.

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