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 So the story goes like this:

One day, a little girl was strolling down the street when she spotted a peculiar sight- a monster peering into the window of a candy store. Approaching the creature with curiosity, she asked, "What are you doing?" 

The creature looks down and says, "Deciding what I want to eat for lunch." 

Unaware of the monster's true nature, the girl innocently asks, "Don't you eat children?" 

"What nonsense! Whoever told you monsters eat children, we like candy just like you. I'm deciding whether to get the swirly red or the swirly green lollipop," replied the beast.

"I suggest you get the red one. I had the green one. It's sticky, and I see you're furry, and it'll probably stick to your fur. I gotta go home now." says the girl.

The monster thanks her for the advice and buys the lollipop. Having enjoyed the lollipop, the beast relaxes in the park when he sees the little girl.

"Hey, little girl, thanks. The red swirly one was delicious," says the monster.

The little girl looks at him and says, "Of course. Children eat a lot of lollipops. We're experts."

The End.

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