The Tome of Annihilation

The Tome of Annihilation, Children's Stories

Deep below the ancient forest lay the catacombs of Anufus, keeper of the Tome of Annihilation. This ancient codex contains the old one's darkest spell, which was too dangerous to use due to its power of annihilation. The tome's keeper is the last of his race, a Sark who were bred as mutes to ensure they could not speak of the knowledge in the book. Mörken has heard rumors of this book and has sent his Troth minions searching for an entrance to the catacombs. Sensing the approaching danger, the Sark decides to move the book from its resting place to the hall of screaming skulls. Here, the souls of thousands rest. If disturbed by outsiders, they unleash a furry, which obliterates the flesh of the intruder, for if Mörken obtained the codex, he would end all life on the face of the earth.

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