Wee Beasties Part Two: Meeting the Council of Nine

Meeting the Council, fantastical tales

When Nikomedes arrived at the Tonnochy Council Hall, he was shown into the meeting room. Before the wizard sat those whose fate had chosen to lead the Wee Beasties in times of trouble, the Council of Nine.
"You have been summoned before this council; you are our last hope. Mörken the Dark One and his minions, the Troth, have decimated the land surrounding Tonnochy, and we fear the village is next," said Upendra, council leader, his eyes fixed on Nikomedes.
"I have given it much thought during my journey, and if we are to fight this Dark One, we will lose," said Nikomedes. 
"Is there no hope, wizard? Must we be destroyed like the Waldvolker?" came the council's cries.
"There may be a way to survive these dark forces, but it will be through craft, not one of force," replied the wizard.
"What do you speak of? What craft can stop these creatures who value the glitter of gold more than life itself," asked Eifion, the council's archivist.
Nikomedes stood silent while the council members exchanged nervous glances. 
"If we're to survive this Dark One, then we must be out of sight to be out of mind, as the old saying goes. There is a way to shroud the entire village from the Troth, allowing them to pass us by. We don't have much time, but I believe with the help from the Marsh Wizard Fern, we can cast a spell that makes us seen but unseen," said Nikomedes.
"You have the council's complete support for anything you need. If it is in our power, it is yours," said Upendra.
"I will need to speak with the Wizard Fern, so I require the fastest transport you have," replied Nikomedes.

Racing to Fern, children's stories

"Then you shall have it, best speed. You hold our lives in your hands," said the council leader.
Nikomedes had to convince the marsh wizard to leave her duties in Folksburywoods and aid a handful of wee beasties. As he sped from the village, he found himself with self-doubt. The wizard focuses on a singular thought, "To be Seen but Unseen," as the Repus races forward. 

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