Wee Beasties Part One: A Dire Plea

Fantasical Tales of the Wee Beasties

In the before time, the long, long ago, there lived a wee wizard named Nikomedes. While the others of his clan gathered in the village of Tonnochy, Nikomedes preferred to live alone in an old oak tree. The wizard was kind and caring and offered his services to all who came, regardless of their status, so he gained the trust of all within the wood.
As the wizard pondered the mundane problem of removing ear wax one morning, a small voice shattered his thoughts. Tiberius, a messenger from the council of nine, urgently requested an audience. "I bear a dire plea from the council, a request for you to provide a means to halt the one known as Mörken the Dark One," the little dragon urgently conveyed.

The Fantastical Tales of the Wee Beasties

"You indeed prefer solitude, but unfortunately, your isolation has blinded you to recent events," said the dragon.
"I humbly ask the council's forgiveness if my isolation has inadvertently caused hardship," Nikomedes replied.
"Heredites has fallen in battle protecting the wood from a necromancer summoned by the Dark One to destroy all life in the forest," said Tiberius.
"Fallen? Indeed, this is tragic news to me. I must meet with the council immediately to discuss what can be done to stop this Dark One," said the wizard.
Gathering his bag, the wee wizard left his beloved oak tree, wondering if he would ever see it again.

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