Visiting Enoch

Visiting Enoch, fantastic tales

 The twins decide to visit the forest's beast master, Enoch. "Greetings to you, Enoch. The Waldvolker have come to plead for your assistance in this war against Mörken the Dark One. What say you?"  
"Children, it pains me to see these vial Troth killing my creatures for their meals, but as you know, I swore an oath to cause no living thing harm; it is our way. Now, you have come to ask me to break a thousand years of tradition. Please give me time to think and consult the ancestors. I will have an answer for you within a day," said Enoch.  
"Very well, the Waldvolker can but ask; we would never force you to break your vows. We respect your decision, master. A good day to you, and may Ãlskad the beloved forest protect you as she does everything," said Tryfena. The twins bowed low, then traveled back to the council to report.

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