Fern's Dilemma


Ajax, a fae dragon, has brought disturbing news to the Marsh Wizard. The little dragon claims that Mörken, the Dark One, has begun a campaign of driving out the dwarves to steal their precious metals and stones. Unfortunately, the animals who live near the mines are also being driven away. Fern must choose to stay in Folkburywoods, travel to the Mirkwood mountains, and stop the Troth before they can do more damage.


The Sleepers Awaken

The Sleepers Awaken: Deep within Ãlskad, the ancient forest lives the Sleepers. It is told that if ever they should awaken, the forest is in grave danger. It is also said to pity those who receive the wrath of the Sleepers.



Night night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite.



It is told of a time before the burning sky when those of the flock dwelt in a beautiful garden. The remaining seven must travel far and through unknown skies to find the legendary home of their forefathers, a place known only as Sanctuary.




Pursued by the Troth, a Neiss tries to escape to the dark wood where legend tells of a portal to the land of the ancients. If she could find the portal, she could get help from the old ones whom the Troth fear so much.

The Triquetra


Fearing the worst, the council of elders sends Muzhichik to guard the Triquetra. If Mörken should learn of its existence, he may attempt to alter his past to favor his rise to ultimate power over the forest.