The Oobleck

Oobleck, Children's Stories

A small creature forgotten by time lived in a corner of the ancient forest. It would be no surprise if one passed by and failed to notice it. The Oobleck was accustomed to being alone and was startled when a scouting party came upon its home. The Troth tormented the creature first with shouts and later with stones. The Oobleck stared silently. Sensing danger, he blinked. The forest was silent again, and the tiny creature returned to his duties, having removed the annoyance.

Upon His Throne

The Throne of Death, Children's Stories

Ursula was unaware that the nightmare she had captured was already a reality. Mörken, the Dark One, sat upon his throne of death in the eastern wasteland, gloating and planning for the annihilation to come.

Catching A Nightmare


Catching a nightmare, Children's Stories

The atrocities committed by the Troth against the Waldvolker increased in number. The wise woman, Ursula, decides to probe the Dark One’s dreams to learn his motives. Employing the ancient magic of dream catching, Ursula places catchers throughout the forest, hoping to snare one of Mörken’s nightmares. While reading a catcher one morning, the wise woman is horrified at what she sees. Burning forest and a smoldering wasteland as far as the eye can see. The council mistakenly claimed he would move on once he had his precious gold. His hidden agenda appears to be the total annihilation of the Waldvolker and their home. Ursula hurries to notify the council of their foolish miscalculation.

Of Course, The Orcs

Children's Stories

Of Course, The Orcs: Sensing destruction, the Orks descend the mountains and bring wrath to the ancient forest. Who the Orcs fight for is unknown. Their vicious nature means Mörken and the Waldvolker must fear these roving giants. However, the wise woman Ursula sees a twist and gathers her counsel. The ancient witch reveals her plan to use the beasts against Mörken in such a way that will shock even the Dark One.

In the Dark, Out of Sight

Children's Stories

 In the Dark, Out of Sight: When facing the Dark One's minions, some may underestimate the power of pixies, rats, or rabbits. However, those who know of the Dirt Devils will find such underestimation foolish. In times of extreme danger, fae dragons like Altrix have been known to join forces with the Dirt Devils and aid them in their fight. Altrix once joined the border patrol and defeated a Troth scouting party. While Altrix distracted the soldiers with swooping attacks, the Dirt Devils tripped them, then swiftly cut their throats, leaving no one alive.

The Green of Greed


Children's Stories

Mörken, the Dark One, watches captured dwarf miners lug chunks of emerald from the depths of their mine. The Dark One has become increasingly greedy and seeks to destroy the forest and the earth beneath.

Finding the Elder Tree


The Waldvolker, Children's Stories

The Story Behind the Picture: Mörken and his Troth minions were determined to destroy the forest and its inhabitants. However, they never quite seemed to win the battle. Infuriated, Mörken knew there must be something protecting the forest folk. Something that he could discover and destroy that would break their will. One of his scouts reported seeing a floating island off the edge of the forest and suggested that this could be what the Dark One was searching for. Using a human-made machine, Mörken, the Dark One traveled to the islands and found the Elder Tree, the Waldvolker’s secret. He was unable to harm the Holy Tree or islands.

“It must be protected by magic,” said Mörken. “I will find a way to destroy these islands and break the Waldvolker’s will,” proclaimed the Dark One.

Hidden In Plan Sight

Children's Stories
Hidden in Plain Sight: While many have gone to the quiet little pool in the forest's center, all have failed to notice that the trickle of water flowing from the fallen tree comes from nowhere. If one were to examine it closely and peer deeply into the log, one would see it is a portal to the realm of the ancients and the old magic.

The Summoning


Children's Stories
Mörken the Dark One takes no chances and performs the ritual of Tarkas to summon one of the twelve masters of  Mephistophelian. The Troth watch with zealous glee, knowing chaos will sweep away the Waldvolker in a wave of horrific destruction.

Seeking The Ancient One

Children's Stories

Anya's uncertainty continues to fester. She decides to visit the tomb of the Ancient One, the last warrior of the Waldvolker, before the time of peace. Placing a flower on his head, the small woman whispers, "Show us a way to overcome the burden placed on your descendants." Anya leaves to go home, a walk deep in thoughts of answers yet to come.

Children's Stories

To Fight Is Folly


Children's Stories

Doric, a forest troll, comes across the burning remains of the great dragons. He finds the skeleton of his old friend, Ajax. Stunned, the troll realizes that Mörken is unstoppable. He decides to warn the Waldvolker that to fight the Dark One is folly, and their only hope is to flee before the Troth march on them.