Wishing You A Happy New Year

A few of the peaceful places where you can rest your weary bones. Happy New Year from Folksburywoods

Hidden in Plain Sight

After Anya spoke to Malak, Gojeck decided to see if he could find more information regarding the ancient prophecies written in the Book of Telling. While he and Anya are examining a drawing, Gojeck cries out in horror and then points to Mörken, the Dark One's image hidden in the picture. Anya asks how this could be as the text had been in her family for over three centuries, long before the Dark One walked the land.


The Old Magic


Hoping to find a sign that the old magic has returned, Asrek sits near the river with his compass. It is said that when dark magic is near, it will cause a compass needle to spin left to right. However, if it is the old magic of the before time, the needle will swing right to left. Today, the needle swings left to right, meaning Mörken the Dark One's Troth minions move closer. 

Fern's Dilemma


Ajax, a fae dragon, has brought disturbing news to the Marsh Wizard. The little dragon claims that Mörken, the Dark One, has begun a campaign of driving out the dwarves to steal their precious metals and stones. Unfortunately, the animals who live near the mines are also being driven away. Fern must choose between staying in Folkburywoods or traveling to the Mirkwood mountains to stop the Troth before they can do more damage.