Fleeing Tyranny


 Even the misfits of Folksburrywoods are forced to flee the oncoming storm of Mörken and his Troth devils. Bands of dark dwellers travel the open road, hoping to find shelter and a kind face. Once feared, these mighty woodlanders, humbled, sought escape from the relentless destruction caused by the Troth.

A DARK Warning


Maldor seeks ways to use the Old Magic against the Mörken and his Troth army. While searching ancient tomes, the Mage finds a warning scrawled on the fading text. "Beware the one who dwells in darkness - use not the old ways to banish him, for doom awaits all when the Archons are released." Maldor knows not of the Archons. Scribbling the warning on a piece of parchment, the wizard decides to visit the wise woman for consultation.

Deedle's Dilemma

When Deedle learns of the devastation caused by the Troth, he asks Anya and Malik for advice. Concerned that the young Waldvolker may attempt something rash, the elders counsel him to think deeply before acting against the Troth.