Finding the Elder Tree


The Waldvolker, Children's Stories

The Story Behind the Picture: Mörken and his Troth minions were determined to destroy the forest and its inhabitants. However, they never quite seemed to win the battle. Infuriated, Mörken knew there must be something protecting the forest folk. Something that he could discover and destroy that would break their will. One of his scouts reported seeing a floating island off the edge of the forest and suggested that this could be what the Dark One was searching for. Using a human-made machine, Mörken, the Dark One traveled to the islands and found the Elder Tree, the Waldvolker’s secret. He was unable to harm the Holy Tree or islands.

“It must be protected by magic,” said Mörken. “I will find a way to destroy these islands and break the Waldvolker’s will,” proclaimed the Dark One.

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