A Dragon's Tale


A Dragon's Tale, children's books

Slovar Dragon will tell you the old story of a boy who did not listen to his elders and fell deeply into troubles.

Every day, the boy would walk home from school through the forest. It took him a long time and was very dull.

The boy met Grandma Babushka, who told him never to take the shortcut through the dark wood for an evil creature who lived there.

As time passed, the boy began to think about the shortcut, and maybe his elders were trying to scare him.

Then boy meets Grandpa Moshka, who warns him not to play games and take the shortcut, or doom befalls him.

The boy began to think old peoples were afraid of their own shadow, and he would not be fooled anymore.

Then boy meets woodsmen Igor Stevanovic who tells him to beware of the unknown evil in Dark Woods!

It must be a trick because woodsmen are not afraid of anything. Boy would take a shortcut because he, too, was not scared.

As the boy walked through the wood, he thought about how brave he was and how silly elders would look when he told them.

“Hello, boy, why are you not listening to elders who tell you not to come here?” The boy says nothing, only shakes in his shoes.

So Slovar eats him. Because he was not a good boy, thinking he knows better than wise ones, now he is yummy in my tummy!

Bye Bye, children, Be Good, Girls and Boys!!

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