Fern's Winged Angel


Hello, my little moppets, 

Auntie Millie here with a tale of the young marsh wizard, Fern, and a wise old owl named Thosis. Thosis was the academy's eldest and wisest owl but few could stand his air of superiority. The two became very close during Ferns time at the academy. When the owl teaches the girl a bit of forgotten magic, trouble starts to brew. I hope you enjoy this tale and will stop back soon to visit. 

Cheers, Love.

Fern sat reading Spells for Wizardry. Suddenly, she was startled when a voice chirped, The author got it wrong. He was always too sure of himself.”

Looking up, Fern stared straight into the eyes of an owl, none other than Thosis the Wise. You should close your mouth before you swallow a bug,” said the bird.

I'm sorry if I have disturbed your peace. I will be going now,” said Fern. Then, she quickly shoved the book into her bag.

Aren't you going to ask me what part Maldor got wrong about elementals?” he questioned.

That was on my mind but I thought it best to leave.” 

“Nonsense, I don't own this tower and I feel talkative today.”

I am curious to know how you know so much about this author,” asked Fern.

We used to have tea together, that's how,” answered the bird. 

“You see, Fern, I have been knocking about this school longer than anyone which means I know a few forgotten facts,” said Thosis.

How do you know my name? Can you read minds?” asked Fern. 

It's written on your collar,” replied the bird. 

“Maldor writes that controlling elementals requires Teutonic magic, which is unpredictable.”

Yeah, it blew up my suitcase last year over the winter break.”

"Indeed," nodded the owl. "One should be careful taking forbidden materials out of the school." Fern did not reply. 

Thosis explained that tree magic could be used to control the elements.

How is that possible? It only controls trees,” replied the student. 

Thosis remained silent.

So because they don't understand it, they tell everyone a lie?” said Fern.

“Exactly,” replied the owl.

“Not fair,” snapped the student.

Would you like to learn it?” asked Thosis.

 “Absolutely,” said Fern.

“We begin tomorrow precisely at noon. Dont be late and bring a slice of oat toast. I do love it so,” chirped the bird.

The following day, as the student experimented with ancient magic, Thosis warned her to keep out of sight and never tell anyone how she learned it. Fern gave her word not to allow the secret out.

During the next week, Thosis and Fern met in the clock tower and edited Maldor's Wizardry book. Finally, the time came for the young wizard to test the owl's teachings.

Fern whispered an ancient spell and then walked through the stone wall like air. To her astonishment, she felt as if she were floating when she passed through the heavy stone. 

Unfortunately, a messenger owl witnessed the magic and it didn't take long before she was called to explain herself before the headmaster.

Knowing she could not reveal her secret or tell a lie, Fern sat quietly as her fate was discussed. 

Since she would not tell the headmaster where the magic came from, he decided expel her.

That evening, a tearful Fern said goodbye to her mentor and friend.

But, as Fern packed her bags, the headmaster appeared. He explained that higher powers had interceded on her behalf. She was not to be expelled.

Rushing to tell Thosis, the old owl smiled. He told Fern that since she kept his secret, he felt a visit to the headmasters office was in order.

 I told you, I have been here a long time and know a secret or two about the headmaster,” giving her a wink. Fern sat thinking how lucky she was to have a guardian angel who did have wings.