The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch, Children's Books

 Once long, ago and far away, lived a poor farmer. He did what he could to feed his family, but things didn't work out. The farmer could only grow pumpkins due to the poor soil. They never grew big like the other farmers. Finally, the farmer had enough! He went to see the wise woman. For his money, the witch gave him magical seeds and demon dust. She warned him to use only a pinch of the dust or danger would befall him. He planted the pumpkin seeds and then sprinkled a bit of the dust. Later, his wife added another pinch, thinking it would help. His daughter added even more dust to help the plants grow. Finally, the farmer's son emptied the bag. The following day, the family checked the field and found the farmer finally got his giant pumpkins. Too bad they got the farmer, too!

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