A Message From Afar


Children's Stories

While out for her morning constitutional, Tildee meets Alburg, a forest fae. Looking visibly upset, Tildee questions the fae. Alburg's reply stuns the Nisse, who had heard of the Troth's dastardly deeds but never met anyone who experienced them. The two Waldvolker rush to the council of elders to inform them that Mörken, the Dark One, is directing his minions to burn the forest. No longer does Mörken care for the wood he sells to the humans. His lust has turned toward the precious metals that lie under the forest, and the easiest way to get to it is to burn the forest down. It appears that the Dark One has forced the Waldvolker's hand. Fight the Troth or lose everything. There would be no life without the heart and home that is  Ãlskad, the beloved forest.

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