The Forest Floor

Imagine being small and stuck on the ground out of sight. That's the life of a Shroomie. What would the world be like if you were a mushroom, flower, toad, or magical forest creature?

A bobcat might eat a rabbit, a fox snatch a mouse or two, or even a wild pixie might fall prey to a hungry hawk or owl. Mainly, forest critters treat each other respectfully. In fact, Grandfather Stump, the oldest tree in the woods, tells of how a simple mushroom saved the life of a great bear by shooting a cloud of dust spores into the eyes of a hungry pack of wolves chasing him. By the time the wolves had cleared their eyes, the bear had hightailed it back to the safety of his den. Grandfather Stump reminds the forest children that no matter how small you may be when they all work together, they are much greater than the largest of the beasts.


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